Oba Gunzz – Sunday School in Session

When did music start for you?

Music started for me from a really young age.It’s probably something I was born with.My mum was always singing around the house plus music was always on.I wrote my first verse at age 9-10.

When did you decide to do the EP?

The decision to make the EP came in 2014.I released my first project,a mixtape in 2012. OUAG was supposed to be the follow up but it was delayed till this year.

Concept and inspiration about the your name?

My real name is Peter so when I started rapping as a little boy then,an older rapper in my hood started calling me ‘Peter Gunz’,one of the duo of ‘Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq’ who were rappers in the early 90s. So the name stuck throughout my high school and university days.To be different, I took out the Peter so it’s just ‘Gunzz’ now with a double Z.

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LuluRaps – An Eye for some #TaiyeCurrency

When did music start for you?

I started in 2009. And in 2010 I won the Sprite Triple Small regional competition held in Ado-Ekiti. Won a couple of other competitions subsequently, notably I was part of the top five finalists on M.I’s Game of Thrones’ King James Competition.

When did you decide to do the EP?

I made a conscious decision to focus on music late December 2016. And I told myself I’ll put out projects in 2017. The first is the EP to prove to myself that I’m not mediocre- which I’ve just done. Now, it’s time to grow with my sound. And the next project would be a mixtape.

Concept and inspiration about the your name and the EP?

I’m Lulu Olaoluwa Fadoju. I just merged my first name with what I do, Lulu raps (it’s a sentence- noun +verb). So, LuluRaps. Continue reading “LuluRaps – An Eye for some #TaiyeCurrency”

M-Trill – Back To Thrill

When and how did music start for you?

I would say in secondary school, I fell in love with rap based on listening to my older brother’s mix. He forced me to write rap songs for him. I believe that’s where it began.

When did you decide to do music and become M-Trill? Concept and inspiration about the name, and your music?

I decided to take music professionally after the university but before then I had dabbled in music at the background in secondary school and a little in the university as well.

M-TRILL is major thrill. I believe you call yourself as you want to be and I want to be a major thrill to music listeners hence the name M-Trill. For music, I like to bring a different vibe to what’s attainable. If I did what everybody did, I would be bored.

Highlights and low lights of your career?

Highs will be all the awards, the top shows etc…Lows will be not being able to release music in a minute. I’m glad that that is over now so I’m back.

Favourite songs and lines from your work so far?

I honestly don’t have a favourite but I like listening to one of my more unpopular songs “Blackout” and I also enjoy performing “Make I Breathe”.

Grab the top when you start at the bottom/ and hold it like precious to Gollum/

 – Aboh

Future plans for doing music and your views of the Nigerian rap scene?

I have a couple of projects that must come out so, music is definitely plans in the works. I like that more Nigerians are embracing rap music. The boundaries previously experienced are gradually being shut down.

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Gem.In.I – One Bar At A Time

When did music start for you?

Thank you very much. Music started when I was probably nine or 10 years old listening to Everly Brothers, Boney M and Kanda Bongo Man courtesy of my dad. This is my second mixtape and I decided to kick start it in June last year.

Concept and inspiration about the name?

The name of the tape was inspired by a book written by the legendary James Baldwin (titled Notes of A Native Son). I always admired him, and had to use his vocal sample as an introduction to the mixtape.

Concept about the EP? Favourite songs and lines on the EP?

The tape’s concept is very simple. I talk about the things that affect my life and beyond, from politics to religion to relationship with wife and friends, everything is in there. And of course always stay true to my foundation of original hip hop sounds…

 Favorite song – For the Culture.

Favourite line –

“I’m killing ni**as, you prolly thinking the Nazi’s back/ Lyrics be the bomb and it’s worse than Nagasaki smash”

-The Saga Goes On

Blood flows in my pad, put my heart on the lines/ I’m tryna change the world, one bar at a time”

– The Purge

 Future plans for doing music and your views of the Nigerian rap scene?

Future plans are to do few videos off the tape, and make more records when inspired.. The Nigerian rap scene needs more attention. There are dope rap artists but little awareness by the media .. Let’s not let hip-hop die.

Thanks for this session.

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Headbridge – Three Wise Men From The East

When did music start for you guys?

Chvba: Personally music started for me soon after secondary school. That period where you’re just hanging waiting for JAMB results and what not. Met a producer (2Much) at a social event, Can’t remember now but I think it was a wedding or something and we hit it off immediately. Anyways, I ended up working on his demo at the time and the rest as they say is history.

Soto: For me it all started back in my university days, I wrote & recorded my first song called “Get off” featuring Realtalk back in my 100 level. It was a wonderful experience. Lol…

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