When did music start for you?

Music started for me from a really young age.It’s probably something I was born with.My mum was always singing around the house plus music was always on.I wrote my first verse at age 9-10.

When did you decide to do the EP?

The decision to make the EP came in 2014.I released my first project,a mixtape in 2012. OUAG was supposed to be the follow up but it was delayed till this year.

Concept and inspiration about the your name?

My real name is Peter so when I started rapping as a little boy then,an older rapper in my hood started calling me ‘Peter Gunz’,one of the duo of ‘Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq’ who were rappers in the early 90s. So the name stuck throughout my high school and university days.To be different, I took out the Peter so it’s just ‘Gunzz’ now with a double Z.

Concept of the EP?

I was just trying to rap as well as make good music that has depth and meaningful lyrics.When you listen to it,you also get an urban,youthful vibe.I wanted people to also know that I might be one of the best they have heard.Music is spiritual for me and most of the songs came to me from God.It sounds crazy but it is what it is.

I wanted people to also know that I might be one of the best they have heard.

– Oba Gunzz

Favourite songs and lines on the EP?

It’s hard to pick which songs are my favourite. For now I’m stuck on ‘Don’t Play’ but i love all the songs equally u know.Its hard to pick which lines are my favourite. Most of the lyrics on the EP took 12-24 months to construct.

Future plans for doing music and your views of the Nigerian rap scene?

I’m working on a mixtape,then another EP. They are already in the works.Music is my life.I will never stop doing it.

Check out his EP ‘Once Upon a goD‘ and also follow him on – Soundcloud and Twitter.


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