Show Dem Camp Palm Wine Music Vol 1 cover

While the album does sound like what you need to play and chill at joints where palm wine is served in champagne bottles, Ghost and Tec stay true to the type of music that separates them from the average rappers just spitting bars. The EP follows a theme from beginning to finish, and does not afford one the luxury of hitting the rewind button. Unless, maybe you do not know what palm wine is, or what the music sets out to achieve.

Show Dem Camp Palm Wine Music Vol 1 tracklist

For consistency, a certain Spax handles all of the production. And for good measure, they only enlist artistes leaning to their kind of music, from Funbi to BOJ to Ajebutter22 to Tomi Thomas Odunsi the Engine to frequent collaborator Poe. The point these are all artistes in the same space and who have helped craft the same sound. For what it is worth, SDC and Poe should have maybe been a trio or even an LOX-type crew where Poe assumes a Jadakiss role, Tec a Sheek role and Ghost, oh well as Ghost aka a Styles P role.

Although, with the foregoing, the EP can be accused of monotony. On the flipside, it does work to retain core SDC fans who came on board during the ‘Feel Alright’ days. It then goes further to remind those fans from the ‘Dreamer Project’ era that SDC’s evolution and they have successfully carved out a niche for themselves in Nigeria’s burgeoning music industry.  This EP and the music SDC is pushing is indeed a welcome break from the champagne-popping, no-well-thought-out-lyrics kind of music awash these days.

We should sit back, relax and enjoy the fresh palm wine as served by Ghost, Tec and their fellow palm wine joint owners. You now rocking with SDC, Show Dem Camp, omo, yes indeed.

This is not an attempted review. It is only a product of being high on Palm Wine music.


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