When and how did music start for you?

I would say in secondary school, I fell in love with rap based on listening to my older brother’s mix. He forced me to write rap songs for him. I believe that’s where it began.

When did you decide to do music and become M-Trill? Concept and inspiration about the name, and your music?

I decided to take music professionally after the university but before then I had dabbled in music at the background in secondary school and a little in the university as well.

M-TRILL is major thrill. I believe you call yourself as you want to be and I want to be a major thrill to music listeners hence the name M-Trill. For music, I like to bring a different vibe to what’s attainable. If I did what everybody did, I would be bored.

Highlights and low lights of your career?

Highs will be all the awards, the top shows etc…Lows will be not being able to release music in a minute. I’m glad that that is over now so I’m back.

Favourite songs and lines from your work so far?

I honestly don’t have a favourite but I like listening to one of my more unpopular songs “Blackout” and I also enjoy performing “Make I Breathe”.

Grab the top when you start at the bottom/ and hold it like precious to Gollum/

 – Aboh

Future plans for doing music and your views of the Nigerian rap scene?

I have a couple of projects that must come out so, music is definitely plans in the works. I like that more Nigerians are embracing rap music. The boundaries previously experienced are gradually being shut down.

Check out his video for the song ‘Aboh‘ and also follow him on Twitter, SoundCloud and Instagram.


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