When did music start for you?

Thank you very much. Music started when I was probably nine or 10 years old listening to Everly Brothers, Boney M and Kanda Bongo Man courtesy of my dad. This is my second mixtape and I decided to kick start it in June last year.

Concept and inspiration about the name?

The name of the tape was inspired by a book written by the legendary James Baldwin (titled Notes of A Native Son). I always admired him, and had to use his vocal sample as an introduction to the mixtape.

Concept about the EP? Favourite songs and lines on the EP?

The tape’s concept is very simple. I talk about the things that affect my life and beyond, from politics to religion to relationship with wife and friends, everything is in there. And of course always stay true to my foundation of original hip hop sounds…

 Favorite song – For the Culture.

Favourite line –

“I’m killing ni**as, you prolly thinking the Nazi’s back/ Lyrics be the bomb and it’s worse than Nagasaki smash”

-The Saga Goes On

Blood flows in my pad, put my heart on the lines/ I’m tryna change the world, one bar at a time”

– The Purge

 Future plans for doing music and your views of the Nigerian rap scene?

Future plans are to do few videos off the tape, and make more records when inspired.. The Nigerian rap scene needs more attention. There are dope rap artists but little awareness by the media .. Let’s not let hip-hop die.

Thanks for this session.

Check out Gem.In.I’s EP, ‘Notes of a Native Son’ and also follow him on Twitter.


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