When did music start for you guys?

Chvba: Personally music started for me soon after secondary school. That period where you’re just hanging waiting for JAMB results and what not. Met a producer (2Much) at a social event, Can’t remember now but I think it was a wedding or something and we hit it off immediately. Anyways, I ended up working on his demo at the time and the rest as they say is history.

Soto: For me it all started back in my university days, I wrote & recorded my first song called “Get off” featuring Realtalk back in my 100 level. It was a wonderful experience. Lol…

When did you guys decide to be Headbridge?

Chvba: HeadBridge isn’t actually a group in the traditional sense of the word, it’s more like a team or a collective. We’ve always collaborated on our individual projects either from just getting creative ideas in the studio to songwriting and it sort of just made sense to work on a joint body of work. Seemed like a mouthful to go by our solo names on the cover of the EP, so we just went with Headbridge instead.

Soto: We started going by Headbridge way before the project ATM. We’ve always been a team & we have always worked together on our individual projects, coming up with ideas & all, so it felt right working on a joint project together.

Concept and inspiration about the name?

Chvba: When you hear the name Headbridge you immediately think of the Niger Bridge that connects the rest of the country to the East, and that’s intentional cause all three of us are from the east. Musically as well our music kinda has its roots in several genres, so it’s almost like a bridge between different influences if you get what I mean. This is especially true for me since I’ve always done both singing and rapping comfortably.

Soto: The obvious answer is cause we’re all from the East…

Concept about the EP? Favourite songs and lines on the EP?

Chvba: Soto and Realtalk came up with the idea of the EP. To write and record an album about life right now. Life in the Moment. I heard about the idea and I jumped on it. Soto and I came up with the idea of making the skits. We basically used our mobile phone recorders to record conversations we had throughout the making of the EP without anybody knowing we were doing it… To keep it as authentic as possible. Honestly don’t have any favourite songs/lines.

Soto: The concept of the EP ATM has to do with where we are in life & what we are all going through at that very moment…These songs are like my babies, I love ’em all..lol

Future plans for doing music and your views of the Nigerian rap scene?

Chvba: I have an EP (or maybe 2) coming out this year. It’s pretty much done, just a question of picking a date. The rap scene or the music scene in general? Personally I think Hip Hop in Nigeria took a hit and it’s down to factors I don’t even have the energy to get into right now. But I think Nigerian music in general is thriving. Like in all things, you find the good, the bad and the ugly. But it can get better , and hopefully it would.

Soto: OK.. I have an individual project titled “The voices in my head” dropping sometime this year. It’s almost 90% ready. My view on the Nigerian rap scene?…….

Check out their EP ‘At The Moment‘ and also follow them on social media – Chvba, Soto and RealTalk.


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