To many a Nigerian music fan and head, it came with mixed feelings when Mavin Records’ Don Jazzy announced the signing of Johnny Drille, DNA and Poe earlier this year. Johnny Drille’s music was not ‘ready for the Nigerian market’, they said. For DNA, Nigerian did not need another P-Square, they also said.

But Don Jazzy being Don Jazzy, he had this all figured out. This is the same man who introduced all of us to Korede Bello, Di’Ja and Reekado Banks. These 3 have since become household names and dropped successful singles plus albums to boot. Going further down the lane, this is the same person who also assisted in crafting the careers of a certain D’Prince, and former Da Trybe member Dr Sid into what we now know. These guys started out as rappers, right? Maybe not lyricists, but rap artistes.

And that was were a few could have picked issues with Poe, for signing with the Supreme Mavin Dynasty. The Show Dem Camp affiliate, had also been associated with his work on ‘The Collectiv3 EP’ as well as on other songs where he had exhibited his lyrical dexterity. So why sign with Mavin? Why sign with a label who had no rap artiste on it? Would Poe go the same way as Dr Sid and co before him? These questions lingered.

I am the man already. No need to say, it’s a jam already.

And finally we got a first reply to some of these and other questions with the release of ‘Man Already’ produced by Mavin’s Altims, responsible for hits like Reeky’s ‘Oluwa Ni’.

Now that I am blowing up, maybe they think that I dummy down. Hope that your confidence is just as big as your bank account.

Clearly, Poe is not going pop, for now, at least. Poe is still doing Poe and the Mavin well oiled machine is at work. The lyrics are vintage Poe – witty, intelligent and well thought out.

Poe is Mavin’s rap ‘Man Already’ , be sure of that. It ain’t easy to be the man, you know.


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