Shout out to Yung L./That dirty sprite I’m drinking is making it hard to spell./Truth is I don’t think I was meant to do 32 but I looked at Ice and said f**k it, I might as well.

– Poe


If I hear am say Erigga no blow dis year./ This album na major key, Baba God hold the spare./Rappers dey social media dey form Evans./Hold dem for backstage, blow their eye join their Ray Bans.

–  Erigga

LuluRaps – An Eye for some #TaiyeCurrency

When did music start for you?

I started in 2009. And in 2010 I won the Sprite Triple Small regional competition held in Ado-Ekiti. Won a couple of other competitions subsequently, notably I was part of the top five finalists on M.I’s Game of Thrones’ King James Competition.

When did you decide to do the EP?

I made a conscious decision to focus on music late December 2016. And I told myself I’ll put out projects in 2017. The first is the EP to prove to myself that I’m not mediocre- which I’ve just done. Now, it’s time to grow with my sound. And the next project would be a mixtape.

Concept and inspiration about the your name and the EP?

I’m Lulu Olaoluwa Fadoju. I just merged my first name with what I do, Lulu raps (it’s a sentence- noun +verb). So, LuluRaps.

An Eye for a Naira plays on the law of Moses- “an eye for an eye”. And for me it questions the idea of compromising one’s vision for instant gratification (for more on this see here). It’s me telling my story and stories of my friends – the struggles we go through that make us feel like giving up on our dreams or ideals. And also how we eventually deal with it. The Anikulapo song for instance asks if you either want to be an Anikulapo or an Alowolapo– do you want to follow your passion or abandon it in your quest for riches. This struggle forms the crux of the project, although other struggles crop up along the line. But these are issues facing people who are seemingly helpless.

Favourite songs and lines on the EP?

I love every single song on the project. If I have to pick one though, it would be ‘Beautiful You’ and that’s because while writing it it brought me back from a very dark place.

Even with writer’s block I’ll build homes and probably schools./Either shelter or streets it’s left for the fans they’ve got to choose.

Future plans for doing music and your views of the Nigerian rap scene?

I’m working on putting a video out, but I’m still cooking up the concept. Of course with your support, I can push this project to more listeners and subsequently put out more projects.

I feel rap in Nigeria is in good hands with the crop of rappers in the new generation.

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I am not trying to be Lyricist on the Roll, you can keep that./I rather be one on the pay roll,cos I need green,might fall in love with a florist./I’m from a broken home so I’m trying to refurbish./By telling my truth, I hope to better myself./That’s why I stepped up and mastered the flow like Michael Phelps.

– Luluraps